Friday, September 2, 2016

Here are a couple of pics from the Auckland leg of the tour.

That's Caitlin Smith Singer Songwriter extaordinaire who I freaked out by getting up to do accompaniment on something a bit different!  A poem anbout Haiti called Kodak...  

This is YaWen Ho, who has been hiding in Wellington all this time!   Who also performed.

Below, My Ashurbanipal poem in a visual I made a few years back.  I gave everyone a copy of this.

Monday, August 1, 2016
That there, which looks like a link to the facebook event is a link to the facebook event!

OK, I've been invited to do a mini poetry tour to Melbourne, and I can't turn down such an offer!

SO EXCITING!     But boyah!  I have gone and asked the universe for all sorts of things to happen and some of them are happening...  so I have got super busy.  GOOD NEWS / and Little bit of a glitch NEWS....   the
Good News is that I'm going to have a renewed passport come through on the very last possible day before I travel.

THANK GOD just quietly.

And,  and i will perform at GIRLS ON KEY on the 7th!    That is a very mini tour indeed..     because then I will return to rainy, springy earthquakey New Zealand the very next day as I've gone and got employed by someone on a short term basis for something that I can't turn down.

So...   It's all about the 7th!   and I am sorry not to be going to the Dan and the courthouse...    and next time!    Because this is my first ever glimpse of Melbourne so it's a reccy for everything.  XX

That's WEDNESDAY melbourne friends!

This is what Auckland looks like